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Ambrell to Exhibit at South Carolina Manufacturing Conference & Expo

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Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions, will exhibit at the 2020 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference & Expo
. It is free and will be held October 29-30 as a virtual event. The conference will include 14 hours of streamed content, including such events as: Manufacturing Excellence Awards, Future of Manufacturing, Industry 4.0: The Next Revolution, Economic Outlook for Auto and Aerospace Industries, Women in Manufacturing and Building the Workforce of the Future.

Ambrell will have a "virtual booth" at the conference where attendees can view literature, watch videos, and download educational pieces regarding induction heating. Additionally, attendees can chat with Ambrell representatives to discuss their heating applications. Be sure to ask about free virtual parts testing from THE LAB at Ambrell. Clients can observe viability testing live from the comfort of their office. 


Companies implement induction heating for many reasons. First, it delivers rapid heating that can increase throughput. It offers localized heating that only heats the portion of the part that requires it, which can save time and energy while also enhancing part quality. With a flame or an oven, the entire part often ends up getting heated. Induction also is instant on/off, and only uses energy when the part needs to be heated. Induction is used across a wide range of industries including die casting and automotive. 


Ambrell has installed over 15,000 systems, with many located in South Carolina in industries including automotive and aerospace. Visit to learn more about Ambrell's induction heating solutions. 


Video: Free Parts Testing from the LAB at Ambrell

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