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Free Webinar on Induction Brazing & Soldering Scheduled for June 29th

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Dr. Girish Dahake, Ambrell’s Senior Vice President, Global Applications, will host a special complimentary webinar on Induction Brazing and Soldering. It will build on the prior Induction Heating Fundamentals and Induction Coil Design webinars and focus on these two popular induction heating applications. It will be hosted on June 29th at 11 am ET.

The session will discuss the fundamentals of induction brazing and soldering, including their benefits, fillers, fluxes, steps to a quality joint, and application case studies. Induction brazing is one of the most common applications THE LAB at Ambrell tests, and Dr. Dahake will bring his over 25 years of experience with brazing to the presentation. The session will last approximately one hour and a question-and-answer session will follow. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions to the live webinar or even submit them ahead of time via the registration form.

To register for the session visit the PRO Skills Webinar session page. To learn more about Ambrell and the PRO Skills Webinar series or register for a recording for one of our other webinars, visit our PRO Skills Webinar page


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