Ambrell Induction Heating
Ambrell Induction Heating
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Heating Surgical Tools for Coating Burn Off

Mar 5, 2021 11:17:56 AM / by Brett Daly posted in THE LAB, coating removal, medical industry



A client contacted THE LAB at Ambrell because they needed to heat surgical tools to burn off the nylon coating. They had been using a torch for this application. THE LAB determined that an Ambrell EASYHEAT® 1.2 kW, 150-400 kHz induction heating power supply with a single position multiple-turn pancake coil would meet the requirements of this medical industry application. 

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Induction Heating Coating Removal for Transformer Wires & Strips

Jun 8, 2017 4:42:56 PM / by Brett Daly posted in heating, coating removal


A client was designing a new process and needed a method for heating wires and strips for coating removal. The application was for a company in the transformer industry. They were concerned about speed, repeatability and safety, so they turned to induction heating, and they trusted THE LAB at Ambrell to design a process that met their specifications and budgetary requirements. 

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