Ambrell Induction Heating
Ambrell Induction Heating
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Ambrell Meets Customer Requirements with Reduced Size Systems

Jun 10, 2021 8:48:54 AM / by Brett Daly posted in EKOHEAT, Induction Heating Systems

inTEST Corporation (NYSE American: INTT), a global supplier of innovative test and process solutions for use in manufacturing and testing across a wide range of markets, including automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, semiconductor and telecommunications, announced today that its Ambrell Division has released a new line of Induction Heating Systems that are reduced in size and weight to meet customer requirements. “The number one customer request we receive is for smaller equipment,” noted Scott Nolen, VP and Ambrell General Manager. “With the release of our Compact EKOHEAT® and the reduced size workheads we meet this requirement. By integrating Ambrell products into their overall systems, our customers derive benefit from improved efficiency, lower cost of operation, and smaller footprint on the factory floor.”

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Curing a Coating by Heating a Steel Tube and an Aluminum Block

Mar 19, 2021 3:03:15 PM / by Brett Daly posted in EKOHEAT, Automotive Applications, curing, induction curing

A client contacted THE LAB at Ambrell because they needed to heat a steel tube and an aluminum block for a cylinder liner coating curing application in the automotive industry. THE LAB did testing and determined that an EKOHEAT® 30 kW, 50-150 kHz induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead would be optimal for this application. The target temperature for the application was 400 °F (204 °C). Two coils were used for this application: a single position two-turn channel coil and a single position four-turn helical coil.

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EKOHEAT Induction Heating System Integrated into Arcast VersaMelt Gas Atomizer

Jul 18, 2018 3:21:39 PM / by Brett Daly posted in EKOHEAT, melting, induction melting


Ambrell's EKOHEAT induction heating systems are integrated into Arcast's VersaMelt Gas Atomizers. The VersaMelt permits processing of many metal alloy systems from a single atomizer platform. It can accommodate a wide range of complex alloys, from tin to tungsten. Clean, ceramic-free titanium (or similar metal) powders can be produced using scrap or recycled powder as feed stock. The VersaMelt is a highly versatile solution and has a multi-configurable melt chamber. 

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Ambrell Sells EKOHEAT for Tungsten Melting

Feb 12, 2018 12:08:11 PM / by William Flanigan posted in EKOHEAT, melting

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems and an inTEST Company, has sold an EKOHEAT 45 kW/100 kHz induction heating system to a large research university for “superalloy” research. The client had previously used Ambrell induction heating systems for research applications.

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