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6 Simple Ways to Improve Induction Heating Uniformity via Coil Design

May 9, 2019 8:47:18 AM / by Brett Daly posted in induction coil design

Induction heating uniformity issues can cause a variety of problems with part quality. We often see these issues because of irregular heating patterns due to unusual part shape or nontraditional heating requirements.

Here are six ways you can augment your induction coil design or heating process to address common heating uniformity problems.

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Induction Heating Coil Design - Calculate Your Coupling Distance

Apr 30, 2019 2:11:49 PM / by Brett Daly posted in induction coil design

Coupling is the transfer of energy that occurs in the space between the heating portion of the coil and the workpiece. So, coupling distance is how big that space needs to be to balance efficiency and manufacturing requirements.

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5 Basics of Induction Heating Coil Design

Apr 16, 2019 11:33:13 PM / by Brett Daly posted in Induction Heating, induction coil design

Induction coil design can have a major impact on part quality, process efficiency, and manufacturing costs. How do you know if your coil design is best for your part and process? Here are some induction coil basics and five tips to optimize your design.

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Induction Coil Designs & Frequency Selection for Heating Applications

Apr 2, 2019 3:41:07 PM / by Brett Daly posted in induction coils, induction coil design


Induction coil design has a major impact on process efficiency and final part quality, and the best coil design for your product largely depends on your application. Certain coil designs tend to work best with specific applications, and a less than optimal coil-application pairing can result in slow or irregular heating, higher defect rates, and lower quality products.

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