Induction Heating is a Green Technology

It does not consume fossil fuels, nor does it produce any hazardous emissions or carbon dioxide (CO2). 

When compared to gas heating, induction heating offers a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable work environment.  

Compared to torch heating, induction is flameless and introduces less heat into the workplace.  

411-0205 250Many processes that lead to emissions can be converted to induction heating including:

♦ Flame preheating
♦ Gas fired oven heating
♦ Welding torches for joining
♦ Flame brazing
♦ Flame melting
♦ Flame hardening
♦ Flame shrink fitting


Along with the environmental benefits, induction heating offers many benefits to your employees and business, as it eliminates smoke, waste heat, noxious emissions, and loud noise.

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