Can I use city water to cool my system?

Use of city water for system cooling

bang-1CAUTION: Ambrell does NOT recommend open loop/city water sources to cool Ambrell RF generators and work-heads.


If city water is introduced to the system (power supply and work-head cooling tubing), care must be taken, as mineral deposits from “hard” water can build up over time, causing corrosion, blockage, and overheating, which can lead to component damage and system failure.

If a municipal water supply must be used, it is recommended that an industrial grade water softening system be installed to remove minerals and other solids before the water reaches Ambrell equipment.

bang-1CAUTION: A common practice in maintaining and flushing plumbing lines of other types of water-cooled equipment, is to employ hydrochloric acid and other scale removing solutions.

These products attack and corrode the soft metal plumbing lines and brazing used throughout Ambrell equipment components. Before introducing possibly unsafe solutions into the system, consult with the manufacturer of the scale removing product. In most cases, manufacturers produce less-corrosive solutions which are safe for the cooling plumbing used in Ambrell equipment.