Can you evaluate some of my parts?

We might be able to recommend a solution for you

Have our team of expert engineers design and test
the optimal solution for your application, free of
charge. All it takes are three easy steps:
  1. Send us your parts and process requirements
  2. Our engineers will analyze your process and heat your parts to develop the right solution for your specific application
  3. You will receive your parts back for inspection as well as a video of the heating process of  your parts, and a laboratory report with a system recommendation

We also invite you to visit THE LAB where you can experience our state-of-art testing facility, which is fully equipped with Ambrell induction heating systems and hundreds of proven coils. In addition, you can interface with our engineers and see first-hand how they design prototype
coils and develop effective solutions to maximize the efficiency of your heating process.

Ambrell's Induction Heating Applications Lab