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Free Lab Testing Service

Now Offering Remote Lab Service

We will design and test the optimal induction heating solution for your application. Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Send us your parts and process requirements.

  2. Our engineers will analyze your process and heat your parts to develop the right solution for your specific application.

  3. You will receive your parts back for inspection as well as a video of the heating process of your parts, and a laboratory report with a system recommendation.

You also have the option to observe testing through our Remote Lab Service. From the convenience of your office, observe your parts being tested live in THE LAB.

For those that would like the interactive experience of being in one of our applications laboratories during testing but are unable to do so, we're pleased to introduce Remote Lab Service. The process is similar in that you discuss your application with an expert applications engineer and send in your parts to one of our laboratories. At that point, you'll set up a time and date and we'll video conference with you during testing to show you the testing process and results live. This offers a more interactive experience while you get to provide your input during the process – all from the convenience of your office. 

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings for THE LAB 

Over the last few years hundreds of companies have visited THE LAB for precision induction heating solutions for parts of every size, shape and material composition. With each visit we are careful to ask “How satisfied are you with your visit?” On a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high) we consistently receive customer satisfaction ratings between 4 and 5.

We invite you to visit THE LAB where you can experience our state-of-art testing facility, which is fully equipped with Ambrell induction heating systems and hundreds of proven coils. In addition, you can interface with our engineers and see first-hand how they design prototype coils and develop innovative, effective solutions to maximize the efficiency of your heating process. 


THE LAB Team Leaders: Dr. Girish Dahake (U.S.), and Frank Kuster (The Netherlands).

More About THE LAB

Through our comprehensive testing services in THE LAB — with locations in the United States and Europe — you can find out if induction is the best heating method for your manufacturing process. It’s been said “A single test is worth a thousand expert opinions.”

If you have old systems that need to be replaced – why not find out if using a smaller, more efficient Ambrell induction heating system is the right solution for your process? There are measurable savings in the form of less downtime, higher production throughput, improved energy efficiency and more.

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Laboratory Testing Equipment

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Our lab equipment includes a wide array of systems and hundreds of proven coil designs, as well as rapid coil prototyping for unique applications. We have videotaping equipment for slow motion studies, computer software for thermal analysis, quenching and closed loop heat sensing capabilities.

Why Send Sample Parts?

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When you arrange to send us samples for evaluation, you'll receive free consulting before committing to a purchase. We've handled thousands of parts of virtually any size and shape. We may already know just what you need. Let our expert engineers analyze your parts and process requirements and provide a recommended solution.

How to Send Sample Parts

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Fill out and submit our short online form to help us better understand your process and performance requirements. We’ll contact you after we have received the form. If have questions or need any assistance with the form, you can email us or simply give a call. Our staff of engineers will be happy to help.

Take Advantage of THE LAB

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We offer state-of-the-art testing equipment, highly-skilled staff and an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility for brazing, heat treating, metal bonding, adhesive curing, melting, heat staking and many other processes. Our experienced engineers will process your parts with speed, accuracy and consistency.  Take advantage of THE LAB today.