Ambrell Induction Heating
Ambrell Induction Heating

Within the automotive manufacturing industry, induction heating is used extensively in body, engine, electrical and other system.

electric vehicle manufacturing

Electric vehicles (EV) are steadily gaining in popularity. Induction processes are used in many stages of EV production.

nanoparticle heating with induction heating

Induction heating is a convenient and flexible method to deliver high-strength magnetic fields to nanoparticles.

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using induction heating in brake rotor production

Induction heating for rotor finishing saves on energy costs and valuable production time.

using induction heating in fastener manufacturing

To improve production rates and fastener quality, fastener manufacturers use heat in their heading, threading and patching production processes. 

shell annealing with induction heating

Induction heating is an easier method for the production of ammunition which does not use pans, torches, revolving wheels or conveyor type ovens. 

brazing drill bits with induction heating

In down hole fixed cutter, rock, or hammer drill bit manufacturing and rebuild operations, 40-60 tool inserts are individually brazed onto a single drill bit.

forging with induction heating

A superior alternative to furnace heating, induction heating provides faster, more efficient heat in forging applications.

tube and pipe heating with induction

Induction heating is the preferred solution for tube and pipe manufacturers looking for more effective, cost-efficient heating technology.

crystal growing with induction heating

Let Ambrell provide a solution to your pressing challenges when ramping up your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Medical Applications with Precision Induction Heating

Induction heating for the medical device manufacturing industry is efficient, repeatable, and safe with Ambrell’s systems.