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Ambrell Induction Heating
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Cooling Systems for Induction Heating Equipment

Ambrell induction heating systems require a water cooling system to cool the work coil, workhead and power supply. We offer several different types of cooling equipment for induction heating systems depending on the system power and the environment where it will be installed:

  • Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers: for cooling requirements under 2 kW
  • Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers: for those with plant cooling water at 30°C (85 °F) or lower
  • Air-Cooled Chiller: for cooling requirements up to 440 kW

Ambrell works with qualified cooling system partners to supply the correct cooling equipment to work with your Ambrell induction heating system.

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This water to air heat exchanger isolates the clean water required by the induction system from the plant cooling water. The electromagnetic field generated by an induction coil will interact with dissolved minerals (especially iron) in the cooling water, causing them to come out of solution in the critical areas of your induction equipment. These deposits cause equipment to run hot, accelerate corrosion and can completely clog cooling passages. It is recommended to keep the induction system cooling as a separate closed-loop clean-water system and you can do this with one of the Ambrell water to air heat exchangers sized for your induction heating system.


Similar to the water to air system, this water to water heat exchanger isolates the clean water from the plant cooling water, which is required by the induction system. The induction coil generates an electromagnetic field, which will interact with minerals dissolved in the cooling water (especially iron), affecting the critical areas of your induction heating equipment. It’s important to keep the induction cooling system as a separate closed-loop clean-water system because these deposits can accelerate corrosion, cause equipment to run hot, and completely clog cooling passageways. Ambrell’s water to water heat exchanges sized for you induction heating system are designed to keep away deposits while cooling your system.