Ambrell Induction Heating
Ambrell Induction Heating

PRO Skills WebinarTM Training from THE LAB

One-on-One Training From the Comfort of Your Office

Enhance your professional skills in the use of induction heating systems through our new PRO Skills Webinar training program. This exclusive program, designed by our own Dr. Dahake, includes a wide array of courses from basic fundamentals to optimizing your power supplies.

As part of our commitment to provide a great customer experience you now have access to virtual training that’s convenient, easy-to-follow and interactive. And after finishing a PRO Skills webinar course, each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


Induction Heating Fundamentals [FREE]

In this introductory course, you will learn about the fundamentals of induction heating. An experienced applications engineer will review sources of heat, induction theory, coupling of the work piece, frequency of operation, power calculations and simulation problems. Practical examples will be provided throughout the course. Whether you are just learning about induction heating, or you have been using induction but would like to learn induction theory, this course is for you.

Registration for June 5, 2019 at 10:30 AM ET 


Sizing an Induction System and 
Designing and Fabricating Coils

This in-depth course will give you the tools you need to take full advantage of your Ambrell induction heating system. First, you will learn how power is calculated and how to select the right power supply for your application. Next, you will learn how to choose the optimal frequency for your application.

The subsequent portion of the course will cover induction coil design and fabrication. You will learn how to manufacture induction coils. Then, you will visit the THE LAB virtually and lab engineers will perform live testing on your parts. You will come out armed with theory and application in this one-of-a-kind course.

Fee-based PRO Skills Webinar 2; scheduled by demand


Optimizing your Ambrell EASYHEAT Power Supply

Just purchase an EASYHEAT but you could not visit THE LAB for training? Then this course is for you. Learn about the EASYHEAT power supply, including capacitor and tap selection, tap changes, and using the EASYHEAT menu. Additionally, you will learn how to select the right coil for your application and determine the correct resonant frequency for your coil.

Via a virtual applications lab visit, you will witness a live tap change on the EASYHEAT. This course is interactive and you will be encouraged to ask questions so you are equipped to take full advantage of your versatile EASYHEAT induction heating system.

Fee-based PRO Skills Webinar 3; scheduled by demand



Optimizing your Ambrell EKOHEAT Power Supply

The EKOHEAT course will review the same topics as the EASYHEAT course, but it will be tailored to the EKOHEAT induction heating system. You will learn all you need to know about the EKOHEAT to get the most out of it and you will have the opportunity to ask questions related to your application.

Fee-based PRO Skills Webinar 4; scheduled by demand



Virtual Lab Testing

In this interactive hands-on course, you will learn about Ambrell induction power supplies, how to select the right coil for your application, how to change the resonant frequency of a coil, and the ways to optimize your parts for optimal operation. This will all be done using the parts that you send in to THE LAB. If you can’t visit the THE LAB in person, this is the perfect virtual training course for you.

Fee-based PRO Skills Webinar 5; scheduled by demand

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