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Ambrell Induction Heating

Ambrell Customer Testimonials

Our success in delivering effective induction heating solutions depends on creating delighted customers. With 30 years of experience and over 15,000 system installations in more than 50 countries, we have an impressive track record of delighting customers with performance excellence time and time again. These are some of their stories.


Seyer Industries

I figured I would give you a little status update on our brazing process. We have been using it in production for about a week now, and have seen a 900% increase in brazing production throughput. This thing is AWESOME!!! 

Nathan James
Weld Quality Specialist / CWI

ScreenHunter 283

After our former induction supplier exited the business (Inductelec), my company was put in a difficult position. We had received orders for complete automation cells and had planned to use their systems for those projects.

Furthermore, our customers had accepted quotes based on integrating the technical and commercial aspects of the Inductelec induction systems, which of course would never be delivered. We had little time to find an alternative supplier that could fill this gap and be able to quickly meet our requirements and deliver systems.

Thankfully Ambrell immediately stepped in to support us. They were extremely responsive to our requirements and were collaborative in the design of the systems to meet our needs and those of my customers’ both commercially and technically.

The Ambrell systems were technically advanced and flexible, had short lead-times, were an excellent value and came with a standard 2-year warranty backed up by global support.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions.

Chris Baker

Detroit Flexible Defense

Your service and equipment are impeccable; our machine has paid for itself many many times over. When we do decide to pull the trigger on a new unit, Ambrell is the only option for us.

Monti Mapes


Girish, Justin,

The trip up to your lab and walking us through the system greatly expedited our learning curve. We’ve been able to achieve weld strength of double our target and lowered our cycle times dramatically.

Jonathan Bolenbaugh


I just wanted to say thank you for your help trouble shooting our coil design issues. Thanks to your guidance I was able to make my own custom coil and the system is now validated and ready for production use. It is great to know that we have both a good product and service available should something go wrong in the future.

-Joshua Edington
Engineering Technician IV


Quality and more importantly service is the backbone of any manufacturing endeavor. You have proven once again the meaning of integrity and pride in your products. It restores my faith in customer relations every time I have dealt with Ambrell and Dan Phelan. 

-Mike Stanton


The 3.5 kW EASYHEAT outperforms competitors' 5 kW power supplies that we currently use.

Ed Whipp


The Nova Star 3 kW unit we have is still performing perfectly after 9 years on the production line. I’m keeping my eyes open for opportunities to add new induction heating applications to our repertoire.

Dennis Oakes
Vice President Engineering


Feinberg School of Medicine - Northwestern University

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Ambrell EASYHEAT system for Nanoparticle and Hyperthermia Research is perfect for my research. We are conducting a study that involves heating functionalized nanoparticles for applications in the treatment of inoperable liver cancer. Not only are the power supply controls easy-to-use, the system is reliable, and provides the precise, repeatable heating that we absolutely require. The compact size works very well in our space-limited lab environment. Ambrell has also met our data collection needs by providing fiber optic temperature probes. Additionally, customer service from Ambrell has been terrific. I appreciate that whenever I call, I am put in touch with a person that can assist me. When I had a leaking flow sensor, it was quickly diagnosed and a replacement part was in my office in just two days.

Andrew C. Larson, Ph.D.
Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering


For our brazing applications we use a variety of methods: electric furnaces, torches, induction heating, resistance heating and welding. My preference is induction heating due to the quality of the braze joints produced. We are currently using an Ambrell EKOHEAT 45 kW system for brazing. Our goal is to exceed the braze quality specifications set out as the industry standard.

The reasons I chose Ambrell is because of their in-depth induction brazing expertise and their commitment to their customers' success.

Lee Slayton
Production Supervisor


Don’t let an AC power outage ruin your day! We have been pleased with the automatic reset feature available on our Ambrell power supplies. This feature allows Watring Technologies to automatically restart our crystal growth systems after a total AC power outage. The resulting cost savings in salvaging just one crystal after an AC power loss can literally pay for the cost of the power supply.

Dr. Dale Watring


We would like to thank you and your team for their prompt and professional attention to our service needs. Nordson has a variety of your heating units that we use primarily in induction brazing applications. One 3.5 kW unit, on an automated system recently quit working and left us in a very difficult situation. That particular line is near production capacity and we cannot tolerate more than a few days of downtime.

After contacting Jim C. in your service department and explaining to him our predicament, he explained to us that he could begin working on our unit as soon as he received it and he would make sure that it was returned back to us as soon as possible. We shipped the unit out, it was repaired and shipped back to us promptly. Our downtime was minimized and we were quickly back in production.

Again I say thanks and want you to know that we appreciate the great service that we received on this unit.

John Dernar - Project Engineer / Supervisor
Central Machining Services


We recently purchased and installed an EKOHEAT 30 kW. Just want to let you know I have been very impressed with the service group at Ambrell. The knowledge and response has been exceptional. The fact that we can troubleshoot over the phone is such a benefit to me and Checon.

Bill Estey