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Induction Heating Accessories

We have developed several accessories for induction heating solutions to help you get the most value from your Ambrell systems. Learn more about our EASYCOIL flexible induction coil and our eVIEW induction heating software below.

Ambrell's Flexible EASYCOIL®

A Flexible Heating Solution

Our induction coils are the ideal solution for your unique heating needs. EASYCOIL is a flexible induction coil designed to conform to the unique contours of your parts, satisfying your unique precision induction heating needs.

Large, irregularly-shaped parts and unique heating requirements can make using a traditional copper induction coil challenging. That’s no longer a barrier thanks to Ambrell’s flexible EASYCOIL.

Ambrell's Flexible EASYCOIL®

Ambrell's eVIEW Induction Heating Software®

View. Capture. Analyze. 

eVIEW is a PC-based application for real-time visualization, analysis and storage of process data from EKOHEAT and EASYHEAT induction heating systems. With eVIEW software, valuable induction process data is at your fingertips, presented in convenient, easy-to-understand graphics, easily exported to your spreadsheet applications.

Monitor power, frequency, temperature, coil voltage and percent match parameters. Status indicators on the tabbed home page convey live operating information from the power supply. Learn more about Ambrell's eVIEW induction heating system software for sale.

Ambrell's eVIEW Induction Heating Software®

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