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Essential Considerations for Quality Braze Joints

Metal joining with brazing is a commonly used technique in the manufacturing industry. Not only does this process produce parts that are stronger than the parent material, it also simplifies the manufacturing process. A number of complex parts can be made easily and repeatedly by combining more simply designed parts.

Read our 12-page brochure; learn more about how the optimum braze joint can solve your precision heating problems.

Guide for Quality Braze Joints


Heat Staking Metal Inserts by Induction

Injection-molded plastic parts are used increasingly in a variety of industries including automotive, office furniture, cutlery, gardening equipment and more, because of their strength and lighter weight when compared to metal.

Learn about the advantages of induction for heat staking, also known as metal-to-plastic insertion, of your plastic parts in Dr. Dahake’s white paper article from Industrial Heating magazine.

Heat staking is a familiar application for the experts at Ambrell. Take advantage of our complimentary testing service and let us help you solve your heat staking problems by contacting our Applications Lab today.



Heat Staking: Inserting Metal Into Plastic

by Girish Dahake, PhD., V.P. Global Applications, Ambrell

One of the most common uses for induction heating is the heat staking of threaded metal inserts into plastic. Most thermo-plastics are too soft to sufficiently hold a thread, so brass or steel threaded inserts are added. The insert is preheated with induction and then pressed into a hole in the plastic part by positioning the induction coil over the hole and then holding the insert in the coil for a short period of time.



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