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What is it Like Working at Ambrell?

We have some exciting job openings!

What is it Like Working at Ambrell?

We have some exciting job openings!

Who we are

Founded in 1986, Ambrell Corporation, an inTEST Company, is renowned for our application and engineering expertise. Our team provides the best customer experience in the industry with operations in the United States and Europe, including the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. 

What we do

The Ambrell team works together to provide the most precise and reliable induction heating solutions to our customers who use them to heat electrically-conductive materials like brass, aluminum, copper or steel or semiconducting materials like silicon carbide in their manufacturing processes.

You Can Join Us

Ambrell is growing and we would like to talk to you about joining our team as we help meet the requirements of global manufacturing. 

Have a look at the work each of our featured departments does to satisfy our customers' process heating challenges.


I have been working in Assembly for almost 5 years. The time has flown by. They really promote a team environment where everyone collaborates to achieve a common goal. The company culture is truly one of a kind and you can feel free to share your ideas. I like the fact that every day I learn something new with a great group of people. Compared to my prior employers,  this company is truly special.

- Bob

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Order Management

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Job Listings

Ambrell Order Management Jobs


I joined the purchasing department over a year ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite jobs. Every day is filled with a mixture of routine activities and new challenges to take on. If you enjoy problem solving, buying materials, negotiating prices, analyzing data, monitoring orders, and communicating with others, this is a great opportunity for you. I cannot speak highly enough of the Ambrell team that I work with and how much joy I have working here.

- Chris

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Join our distribution team. Help us get our induction heating solutions to our customers.

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Ambrell Distribution Jobs


When I was brought onto the engineering team, I was told that we get to 'wear a different hat' everyday, ensuring that there would never be a dull moment. From drafting drawings, testing components, talking to customers, and being directly hands on with most everything you work on, this position allows one to train multiple skills all at once, and avoid falling into monotonous work. The collaboration of the Ambrell Engineering team creates an environment where anybody can grow, and I cannot recommend it enough.

- Josh

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Ambrell Engineering

Four Ways To Contact Ambrell for Support


1655 Lyell Avenue
Rochester, NY 14606
United States

T: +1 585 889 9000
F: +1 585 889 4030


Holtersweg 1
7556 BS Hengelo
The Netherlands

T: +31 880 150 100
F: +31 546 788 154


Unit 6, Space Business Centre
Tewkesbury Road
Cheltenham, GLOS, GL51 9FL
United Kingdom

T: +44 1242 514 042
F: +31 546 788 154