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Induction Brazing FAQs: How Does Induction Brazing Work?

Nov 20, 2019 1:38:48 PM / by Brett Daly posted in Induction Brazing, brazing aluminum


The basic principles of induction heating have been used in manufacturing since the 1920s. Induction brazing is just one process that uses the science of induction heating to fuse metals. Before you get started with induction brazing, it's important to understand how the process works. Let's look at some answers to common questions about induction brazing.


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3 Reasons Induction Brazing Is So Popular for Joining Aluminum

Mar 6, 2018 3:36:36 PM / by Brett Daly posted in brazing aluminum


Induction brazing is a process in which two or more materials are joined together by a filler metal that has a lower melting point than the base materials using induction heating. And it's true that silver is often used for induction brazing because of its low melting point. For instance, silver-copper eutectic brazes have melting temperatures between 1100 and 1650 degrees Fahrenheit (621 to 699 degrees Celsius). However, brazing aluminum is also a popular choice because of the various qualities in the metal and how they react during the process. Here are just a few benefits of brazing aluminum.

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