Catheter Tipping With Induction

Catheter Tipping With Induction

How is induction heating used in catheter tipping?

Ambrell has offered catheter tipping solutions for the medical industry since 1986. Our expertise in developing these applications is applied by medical instrument manufacturers worldwide. 

Induction generates an electromagnetic field in a work coil that induces currents in the conductive material of a workpiece placed within or near the coil. Friction from these currents elevates the temperature of the workpiece to be heated.

Induction catheter tipping Benefits 

  • Meets tight production tolerances with precise localized heat to small areas creating pinpoint accuracy

  • Increases production rates with faster heating cycles

  • Reduces defect rates with repeatable, reliable heat

  • Eliminates variability from operator-to-operator, shift-to-shift

  • Maintains metallurgical characteristics of the individual metals

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Select from our collection of catheter tipping notes, taken from years supporting our customers. Read how we helped to solve their process heating challenges.

image: Fuse thermoplastic catheter tubesFuse thermoplastic catheter tubes

Heating of the mandrel is from the inside out providing a smooth finish on the outside of the assemblies.

image: Heating Catheter Tipping DieHeating Catheter Tipping Die

To heat an aluminum catheter tipping die to above 2850F within 2 to 5 seconds for the forming of catheter material.

image: Heating a catheter tipping dieHeating a catheter tipping die

A two turn plate concentrator coil is used to heat the die. To measure the temperature on the ID and establish the time-to-temperature relationship...

image: Molding a teflon catheter tipMolding a teflon catheter tip

Heat a water-cooled steel mandrel to 700°F (371ºC) to form a high quality Teflon catheter tip.

image: Plastic Reflow With Catheter TubingPlastic Reflow With Catheter Tubing

Heat a metal braid in a plastic catheter tube to 250°F (121.1ºC) so that another catheter tube can be bonded to it.

Is Catheter Tipping with Induction the Least Expensive Process?

Depending on the specific medical requirements and frequency of use induction might not be the most cost effective way to produce catheters. The initial investment and training required could make other heating technologies more financial viable when considering lower output volumes

Will Catheter Tipping with Induction Reduce Production Costs?

When high production capacity is required induction heating will reduce down time / setup time / increased speed and higher product quality with less wastage.

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