Ambrell Induction Heating
Ambrell Induction Heating
induction heating for fiber optics manufacture

Fiber Optics Soldering with Induction Heating

Ambrell's advanced induction technology provides precision ±2°F temperature control and is easily adaptable for a variety of solder materials. Our compact, lightweight EASYHEAT systems generally produce more than enough heat to quickly solder component-size parts at temperatures below 500°F.

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Popular Fiber Optics Sealing Notes

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Curing Epoxy On A Laser Diode AssemblyCuring Epoxy On A Laser Diode Assembly

A 4-turn induction coil was used to provide uniform heating to the aluminum housing. The coil was specially designed to allow room for the addion of a protective refractory shield between the coil and aluminum.

Melting Glass For Fiber DrawingMelting Glass For Fiber Drawing

A specially-designed induction coil, shaped to conform to the metal vessel, was used to deliver uniform heat to the vessel.

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About Induction Heating

Induction heating is a fast, efficient, precise and repeatable non-contact method for heating metals or other electrically-conductive materials. The material may be a metal such as brass, aluminum, copper or steel or it can be a semiconductor such as silicon carbide,carbon or graphite. To heat non-conductive materials such as plastics or glass, induction is used to heat an electrically-conductive susceptor, typically graphite, which then transfers the heat to the non-conducting material.

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Induction Heating Work Coils

The work coil is the component in the induction heating system that defines how effective and how efficiently your work piece is heated.

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