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Do You Use Heat In Your Process?

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Learn the fundamentals of induction heating and be sure to check out our extensive library of application videos.

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Our all new EKOHEAT Compact Series now available in enclosure sizes that are 50% smaller than our standard models.

EKOHEAT Compact Series

Send in your parts and our induction heating consultants will design and test the optimal solution for your application.

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The LAB at Ambrell

Our Applications Laboratory: The Gold Standard

Now Offering Virtual Lab Service

Ambrell's Applications Laboratory – known in the industry as THE LAB at Ambrell – is where we solve our customers' most challenging heating problems every day. We have locations in the United States and Europe, and offer convenient Virtual Lab Service so our labs are accessible to you regardless of your location.

Our team is renowned for developing innovative and effective heating solutions that produce extraordinary results. And the ability to consistently deliver performance excellence in one application after another is the team's hallmark. It's why THE LAB is the gold standard in the industry.

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Dr. Girish Dahake

The Man Behind the Magic: Dr. Girish Dahake

With two decades of experience solving thousands of complex induction heating applications, Dr. Dahake offers unparalleled experience and insight.

As Sr. Vice President, Global Applications, he leads a worldwide team of highly-skilled engineers who are uniquely qualified to assist you with your most challenging heating applications.

With his in-depth knowledge and exceptional ability to develop solutions that deliver extraordinary results, Dr. Dahake truly is "the man behind the magic."

About Dr. Dahake


PRO Skills Webinar TM Training

Enhance your professional skills in the use of induction heating systems through our new PRO Skills Webinar training program. This exclusive program, designed by our own Dr. Dahake, includes a wide array of courses from basic fundamentals to optimizing your power supplies.

As part of our commitment to provide a great customer experience you now have access to virtual training that’s convenient, easy-to-follow and interactive. And after finishing a PRO Skills webinar course, each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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Upcoming Webinars: Oct. 26 & 28

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Has Arrived

The Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0

In today’s rapid-changing manufacturing environment, companies are embracing the rise of digital industrial technology. Through implementation of this digital technology, manufacturers are creating smart factories with impressive throughput, enhanced productivity and better quality, all while delivering stronger, more profitable business results.

This transition has come to be known as the fourth industrial revolution and is commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. To address this emerging shift in manufacturing, Ambrell has published a special report entitled:

'The Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0'

In the report, you’ll get a historical background from the first to the fourth industrial revolution. In addition, we describe how Ambrell can provide a key role in the implementation of an Industry 4.0 factory.

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Ambrell SmartCARE TM Service

Ambrell SmartCARE Service offering


Our all-new SmartCARE Service has been created to provide an expanded level of global services. With Ambrell SmartCARE, we provide experienced, specialized consulting that ensures you get the most out of your systems.

As a partner you can trust for all your service needs, SmartCARE offers a wide range of programs including preventative maintenance, extended warranties, equipment repairs onsite or in-house, specialized training from beginner to advance levels and a full inventory of spare parts.

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Induction is a Green Technology

While induction heating is not a new technology, it is a green technology. It does not consume fossil fuels, nor does it produce any hazardous emissions or carbon dioxide (CO2).

When compared to gas heating, induction offers a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable work environment. Compared to torch heating, induction is flameless and introduces less heat into the workplace.


Green Energy