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10 Cases of Brazing Copper with Induction

Mar 14, 2017 12:17:09 PM / by William Flanigan


We have collected ten popular Application Notes to help you understand the many ways induction heating can improve your precision copper brazing process. 

Ambrell's Application Lab, also known as THE LAB, has been compiling a library of Application Notes describing the ways we have been employing remarkably versatile induction heating to solve our customers' heating challenges.

In this volume, we have bound the 10 most popular notes (by download count) describing solutions to copper brazing applications. In these copper brazing application notes you can see the ways induction can be used to effectively and efficiently. Here are a few application note titles:

  • Braze four copper bus bars together
  • Brazing Brass Fitting to Copper Tube
  • Braze a Stainless steel braided hose to copper

 and several more real-world copper brazing examples.

Download this volume to see how induction brazing can be applied effectively to your heating process, eliminating the need for ovens or hand-held torches while bringing new efficiencies to your process.

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Written by William Flanigan


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