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Ambrell Induction Heating
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Induction heating: Induction Coil Design

Oct 22, 2015 8:12:00 AM / by Brett Daly

An induction heating system consists of a power supply, workhead and an induction coil (also known as inductor). The latter delivers the heat / current to the part. And although most of us think that induction coil 'wraps around' the piece, coil making in a true art! 

induction coils


From single - turn, to multi - turn, through multi position coils and pancake inductors. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It gets even better - Ambrell can make all these induction coils for all your applications. Our guide introduces you to the art of coil fabrication.

A proper coil design is essential to achieving the effectiveness and efficiency parameters in your heating process. Let us guide you.


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Written by Brett Daly


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