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3 Advantages of Induction Heating vs Torch Heating | Ambrell

Nov 2, 2015 4:20:14 AM / by Justyna Bakker

Brazing is perhaps our most popular induction heating application. We consistently see companies moving to induction brazing from torch heating. Here are the primary reasons why you may want to consider induction if you’re currently torch brazing, or using a torch for another heating process: 

1. Superior Repeatability

When induction is properly implemented into a process, you can count on the same result every time. A torch sometimes leads to inconsistent results and uneven heating, and the end product is only as good as the operator. If the operator moves on, it can put your quality at risk. 

2. Faster Heating

Induction typically heats parts to temperature more rapidly than a torch, generating a superior production rate.

3. Process Safety

There is no open flame with induction, resulting in enhanced workplace safety. Additionally, it introduces less heat into the working environment, creating a better environment for employees. 


Induction heating versus other heading methods

The graphic above compares induction heating with other heat sources. More transferable heat means that the energy is used and transferred in a localized, precise manner. The graphic illustrates that induction heating is clearly superior over other heating methods often applied in a production process.

So, in a nutshell, the benefits of induction are a production-boosting speed of heating, less footprint due to a reduced energy use and enhanced workplace safety. In short, induction helps you become  cleaner and greener.

Now, induction heating's optimal use and application depends largely on  expert advise. Are you considering switching from torch or furnace heating to induction? Learn more about our exceptional lab testing service THE LAB at Ambrell. Are you interested in learning more about the features of this remarkable heating technology? Take a look at our extensive video library and see induction heating in action!


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Written by Justyna Bakker


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