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How Ambrell Sales and Partners have closed important deals.

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Travis Bonewell (Straube Associates) maintained and developed a deeper relationship with a customer [name withheld] in Albuquerque. Their timely follow-up and persistence landed an onsite meeting which sped up the process of securing a $99K order this February. Their professionalism was key to securing the win.The customer is developing a small nuclear reactor to generate electricity from stabilized nuclear fuel. The application is unique and required multiple meetings with our applications team. Travis facilitated these meetings, followed up on deliverables and maintained contact with a very busy end-customer who had his attention spread across many areas.  Travis' demeanor was always friendly and professional in emails, calls and in-person meetings. We were able to gain customer trust quickly as a result. In the weeks since the order has been placed, Travis has maintained contact with the customer, and I believe we are more likely to earn continuing business as a result.

Published: 04/26/2023

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