EASYHEAT® 9 kW Induction Heating Systems

Max Power
9 kW

150 - 400 kHz

Line Voltage
187 -264/370 - 520, 3Ø Vac

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EASYHEAT 9 kW model

EASYHEAT 9 kW model induction heating system is a reliable, compact solution for heating parts with a quick, clean source of heat. With a movable workhead that can be located up to 3m (10’) from the power supply, it is ideal for repeatable, non-contact heating of parts.

Equipped to operate over a broad frequency range (150-400 kHz), EASYHEAT is ideal for heating parts of many geometries and compositions with precise power control within 50 W resolution.

Avoid time-consuming changeovers with agile tuning for single-cycle and continuous heating operations. One system can supply deep, bulk heating for brazing and soldering for more shallow, concentrated heating for case-hardening for smaller parts. Flameless, non-contact induction heating minimizes energy waste by focusing energy only on the part and zone to be heated. Select and monitor power levels from the front panel LCD and sealed touch pad. Remote power control is available for employing contact inputs, analog inputs or optional serial data port. Easily control the length of the heating cycle with a built-in programmable digital timer.

The EASYHEAT 9 kW model is a water-cooled system, requiring connection to a heat exchanger or other mechanism for dissipating heat.EASYHEAT 9 kW model rear panel



Efficient heating of many geometries
Repeatable, reliable heating with agile frequency tuning
Movable workhead; up to 3m (10’)
Remote serial operation or logging (optional)
Two 3-language display suites
Field-calibration capable


Self-adjusting for accurate, repeatable results
View set-point, output, frequency and timer
Built-in timer, stop-watch
Push-button RF power control

Compact and Light

Smallest feature-rich 9 kW model

touch panel

EASYHEAT features a front panel programmable controller allowing you to define up to four different heating profiles, each with up to five time/power steps.

Options and Accessories

Heat exchanger or chiller
Optical pyrometer (closed-loop temperature control)
External controller (plc)
Extended work head cable lengths
Serial data interface
Pendant station
Start-up assistance




RF Terminal Power



AC Line Power



AC Line Protection1

[35] 20



150 - 400


RF Coil Current


A max

AC Line Voltage3

187 -264/370 - 520, 3Ø Vac


Front Panel Display

2 line x 16 character LCD; displays frequency, power, setpoint, timer and fault descriptions


Display Language Suite

Five language display suite (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)


Serial Communications

Via RS485 terminal mode



Built in; 10ms to 10,000 seconds


Heating Controller

4 programmable profiles, 5 steps per profile


RF Rise Time



Tune Time




CE & UKCA Marked, 220 models only


Max Ambient Temp

45 (115)

C° (F°)

Unit Weight

10.4 (23)



Rack 483 x 400 x 133 (19 x 15.7 x 5.3)

WxDxH mm (in)

Bench 436 x 398 x 129 (17.2 x 15.7 x 1) 3U



5.7 (1.5)

l/m (g/m)

Max Input Pressure

5.6 (80)

Bar (lb/in2)

Pressure Differential

2.8 - 5.5 (40-80)

Bar (lb/in2)

Max Water Temp

35 (95)

C° (F°)

1) Line levels: [230 V] or 440 V
2) System includes workhead
3) Level determined by model; range factory set per order; field selectable
4) De-rates linearly from 10 kW, 12.4 kVA to 205 Vac to 9.1 kW, 11.3 kVA at 187 Vac

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