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Ambrell Meets Customer Requirements with Reduced Size Systems

Ambrell Meets Customer Requirements with Reduced Size Systems

inTEST Corporation (NYSE American: INTT), a global supplier of innovative test and process solutions for use in manufacturing and testing across a wide range of markets, including automotive, defense/aerospace, energy, industrial, semiconductor and telecommunications, announced today that its Ambrell Division has released a new line of Induction Heating Systems that are reduced in size and weight to meet customer requirements. “The number one customer request we receive is for smaller equipment,” noted Scott Nolen, VP and Ambrell General Manager. “With the release of our Compact EKOHEAT® and the reduced size workheads we meet this requirement. By integrating Ambrell products into their overall systems, our customers derive benefit from improved efficiency, lower cost of operation, and smaller footprint on the factory floor.”

Ambrell is a leading provider of induction heating systems and supplies equipment sized from 1-1000 kW in power. The Compact EKOHEAT is available for applications requiring 75-125 kW of power and is 50% of the size of the existing design. This reduced size and weight is ideal for customers that have limited space or install the unit into an overall integrated system. The unit also has new options that meet the highest earthquake rating (BELCORE 4) and provides the maximum in flexibility for customer connection points.

The reduced size workhead covers 10-50 kW initially and will be expanded across the entire portfolio. These improved workheads range from 50% to 80% smaller in size and less than half of the weight of the older design. Since the workhead is installed in an aggressive environment near the part that is being heated, this design has been upgraded to use a rugged metal enclosure to ensure maximum protection. Included in this release is an option for an encapsulated workhead that can be used with robotic arms or systems that require an ultra-small workhead with the highest level of tolerance to movement.

“This is an excellent example of the innovation in Induction Heating that Ambrell can offer, and is part of our continuing journey of aligning our technical expertise with that of our customers and designing products that helps to increase their success rate in served and targeted markets,” commented Nick Grant, President and CEO of inTEST. “The Ambrell motto is ‘Experience the Excellence,’ which they accomplish by manufacturing world class products for their customers, providing the best available induction heating application knowledge and ensuring that their systems operate trouble free in the field.”

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