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Ambrell Induction Heating
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Induction Heating Magnetic Steel Parts (Cutting Tools) for Forging

Oct 23, 2018 4:44:56 PM / by Brett Daly posted in Applications Lab, forging

A client was introducing a new product line to the market and needed to heat magnetic steel parts, 
which would become cutting tools, for forging. The parts were knife blades and shears, and they needed a fast, repeatable heating process they could count on in production. Their objective was for each part to be heated in under seven seconds to 2150 ºF (1177 ºC). 


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Magnetic Steel Induction Heating System vs Torch Heating | Ambrell

Mar 28, 2017 3:22:24 PM / by Brett Daly posted in forging, forming


A client came to THE LAB looking to improve upon their heating process. They had been using a torch, but wanted a faster, safer, more repeatable method of heating. The objective of the application was to heat a magnetic steel part to 1700 ºF (927 ºC) for a forming application. 

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Application Insight: Forging a Steel Part with a Flange

Jul 6, 2016 5:21:23 PM / by Brett Daly posted in Preheating, THE LAB, forging

A client attempted to cold forge a steel part with a flange, but wasn't getting the desired results. Consequently, they turned to THE LAB at Ambrell to see if hot forging would meet their time and quality objectives. Their goal was to heat the part to 1800 ºF (982 ºC) within 30 seconds.

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