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Ambrell Introduces Expanded Service with SmartCARE

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Ambrell Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative induction heating solutions worldwide, is pleased to announce its all-new SmartCARE Service offering. SmartCARE will help maximize uptime, extend product life and reduce energy consumption. It includes four key components: 1) preventative maintenance; 2) equipment training; 3) spare parts; and 4) warranty options.

SmartCARE delivers customers an expanded level of global services including a new training curriculum that provides beginner-to-expert level training and certification. In addition, Ambrell-manufactured products, now backed by a two-year warranty, will include an option of up to three years of additional coverage thanks to a new extended warranty program. Finally, a new preventative maintenance program is available that provides system calibration, an electrical and mechanical review, a cooling system review and more to ensure optimal equipment performance.

The SmartCARE Service offering focuses on five key areas of customer value:

  • Specialized and customized service tailored to each client’s unique induction heating needs.
  • Master-Level service from technical experts with over 130 years of combined experience.
  • Attentiveness from knowledgeable, detail-oriented technicians passionate about providing extraordinary service.
  • Responsiveness from a team that takes great pride in responding quickly so customers get the support they need as soon as possible.
  • Training programs customized to however clients prefer to receive the content – online, on-site or at an Ambrell facility.

“We’re very excited about our new SmartCARE Service. It builds on our history of delighting customers with performance excellence in every interaction,” said Tom Giglia, Director of Manufacturing and Global Services. “These expanded programs and services provide our customers with outstanding value. Our experienced, master-level technicians pride themselves on providing unparalleled, responsive service on a global scale.”

To learn more about Ambrell and SmartCARE Service, visit or call +1 585 889 9000.             

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