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Application Video: Induction Heating a Steel Rod for Forging

Induction Preheating for Forging

Induction Preheating for Forging


In the latest induction heating application video from THE LAB at Ambrell, a steel rod is heated for a forging application with an Ambrell EASYHEATTM induction heating system and a custom-designed coil. As you'll see in the video, heating the steel bar to 2220 °F (1204 °C) took just 20 seconds. Here is the preheating for forging video:



This is a transcription of the audio from the induction forging video:


Hello and welcome to another applications video from THE LAB at Ambrell. In this video we’ll be heating a steel rod for a forging application with an Ambrell EASYHEAT induction heating system. We’ll be heating the steel rod to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit or 1204 degrees Celsius. You can see the red dot on the part, which is from an optical pyrometer. Right now it reads 437 degrees because it’s at the lower limit of the pyrometer. The induction power is now on. The part is beginning to glow. It’s now past curie temperature. And we’re now at the target temperature. This has been another application video from THE LAB at Ambrell.


With induction, you can focus the heat on only the portion of the rod that needs to be forged and efficiently bring it to the malleable temperature. Due to the precision and control inherent with induction heating, there’s no risk of an incorrect temperature resulting in the wrong shape or risking damage to the tools that are used in the following step in the process.


If you'd like to get your parts tested in THE LAB at Ambrell, just fill out this form and we'll reach out to you to get the process started. Alternatively, you can click here to check out more induction heating application videos, or click the image below to read an array of induction forging application notes. 


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