New eBook: Complete Guide to Induction Coil Design

Complete Guide to Induction Coil Design

We're pleased to release our new eBook, the 28-page "Complete Guide to Induction Coil Design." Induction coil design can have a major impact on part quality, process efficiency, and manufacturing costs. This helpful eBook provides virtually everything you need to design the optimal coil for your part and process.

To give you a sense of the eBook, the "Complete Guide to Induction Coil Design" has the following five sections:

  1. Coil Basics
  2. Choosing Your Coil Type
  3. Designing Your Coil
  4. Customizing Your Coil Design for Heating, Uniformity, Workpiece Shape & Part Irregularity
  5. Resources

Be sure to download your copy now. Over the coming weeks there will be a series of blog posts right here related to the coil design eBook. 


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