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Preheating for Forging of Steel Pins

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induction forging a steel pin on a rim
A client needed to heat magnetic steel pins (spokes) for forging on a rim without heat treating and weakening the rim. They had been using a torch for this heating application and it took 20 seconds per pin. THE LAB at Ambrell determined that an EASYHEATTM 10 kW, 150-400 kHz induction heating power supply with a workhead and three-turn helical coil specifically designed for this application would meet this application's requirements.


The target temperature for the application was 2,000 ºF (1,093 ºC) and the frequency was 294 kHz. A single position three-turn helical coil was used, and the part was then placed under the coil. The part was heated to the desired temperature within just seven seconds. This saved 2 minutes and 36 seconds on heating all of the rim’s pins when compared to using a torch.

Speed was a major reason the client chose to switch to induction. Additionally, with the rim not being heated due to induction's precise heating, the rim maintained its strength and durability which increased quality. Energy was also saved due to induction's precision and reduced heating time. Finally, there is more repeatability with induction than there is with torch heating. Induction isn't dependent upon operator skill like a torch.


Visit our induction forging applications page to check out additional forging application notes from THE LAB at Ambrell. And, if you have an application that might benefit from induction heating, be sure to take advantage of complimentary application testing from THE LAB. We offer Virtual Lab Service. It allows you to view testing live from our induction application laboratory from the convenience of your office. Contact us today to get the process started. 

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