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Rotor Curing: Made Easier with Induction Heating

Nov 20, 2015 6:08:54 AM / by Justyna Bakker

Ambrell offers best-in-class induction heating solutions along with extensive application engineering support for virtually any induction heating application. Rotor heating and especially induction rotor curing are popular applications; ones where Ambrell has extensive experience.

rotor curing with inductionFor this application, a client requested that Ambrell heat a small rotor to 80°C in just 18 seconds while the object was rotating. The custom-made pancake coil together with Ambrell’s versatile EASYHEAT 2 kW induction heating system ensured that the rotor was brought to temperature, achieving the application’s objective. 

Ambrell offers more insight into the rotor treatment applications with additional application notes and a Rotor Heating Brochure. We also offer complimentary application testing to ensure maximum process efficiency and effectiveness. 

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Topics: Rotor Treatment, curing

Written by Justyna Bakker


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