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Ambrell’s First System Retired After Nearly 35 Years of Service

Ambrell - First Induction Heating System


Ambrell Corporation, an inTEST Company and a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions worldwide, now has the very first system it shipped out nearly 35 years ago. The system, known as Unit #1, was recently retired by Leonardi Manufacturing (www.leonarditreecare.com), a leader in the manufacturing of metal-based solutions. When Leonardi upgraded to a new Ambrell induction heating system in the fall of 2020, they offered to return Unit #1 so that it can be put on display at Ambrell’s global headquarters in Rochester, NY, USA.

Leonardi Manufacturing reported the Ambrell system was in operation every day since 1986. They moved the system to a new facility in 1991 and it remained there until the second half of 2020. It ran reliably day after day for nearly 35 years. The retired Unit #1 is being replaced with Ambrell’s EASYHEAT induction heating system.

“We used the 6 kW system for brazing carbide-to-steel for manufacturing our stump grinding equipment. It has been an incredibly reliable and dependable piece of equipment for almost 35 years,” said Joe Leonardi, Vice President of Leonardi Manufacturing. “It was critical to our manufacturing process and its durability and consistent performance is why we chose Ambrell once again.”

Over the years, Ambrell’s induction heating systems have become smaller, more versatile, and have been re-engineered to deliver greater performance. Ambrell’s systems easily integrate into a wide range of heating processes across a multitude of industries and they’re designed to meet Industry 4.0 manufacturing requirements. In addition, Ambrell provides an industry-leading two-year warranty across its entire line of induction heating equipment.

Scott Nolen, Vice President and General Manager of Ambrell, stated, “We’re excited to display Unit #1 at our headquarters location and we’re especially grateful to Leonardi Manufacturing. Their help and cooperation in returning the system to us is very much appreciated.” Nolen continued, “To have a system that was in operation for nearly 35 years is a testament to our engineering prowess, our manufacturing capability and the overall quality of the product. Today, these same attributes play a key role in Ambrell’s ability to consistently deliver heating solutions that are fast, precise, repeatable and safe.”

To learn more about Ambrell visit www.ambrell.com or call +1 585 889 9000.

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