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Ambrell's New Induction Shrink Fitting Brochure

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We're pleased to announce that a new brochure which highlights induction shrink fitting is now available. This brochure, which is titled "Improved Shrink Fitting with Induction Heating," highlights ten shrink fitting applications that were tested by THE LAB at Ambrell. It also discusses what shrink fitting is and why induction is often a good heating choice for the application. 


Our new shrink fitting brochure highlights the following applications:

  • Shrink Fitting a Stainless-Steel Sleeve and Shaft
  • Shrink Fitting an Aluminum Motor Housing
  • Shrink Fitting a Gear to a Shaft (Automotive)
  • Inserting a Steel Bushing to an Aluminum Hub
  • Shrink Fitting an Aluminum Motor Housing (Automotive)
  • Shrink Fitting an Aluminum Tube (Optical System)
  • Shrink Fitting a Steel Tube
  • Shrink Fitting a Magnetic Steel Gear
  • Heating Hammer Bits for Shrink Fitting
  • Shrink Fitting Magnetic Steel Pistons

Here's an excerpt about shrink fitting from the brochure:

Metals typically expand when heated and contract when cooled. This response to a change in temperature is known as thermal expansion. With induction shrink fitting, you use thermal expansion to fit or remove parts. A metal component is heated to 150-300 °C (305-572 °F), and that causes it to expand. This allows for the removal or insertion of a part.

For example, for disassembly, induction is used to create thermal expansion to loosen the joint. For assembly, one part might be heated until its diameter expands sufficiently for it to fit over the other part of the assembly. Then, the heated part cools and the joint is strong, which is “shrink fitting.” A wide array of metals are used when shrink fitting, whether it’s steel-to-steel, steel-to-copper, aluminum-to-steel, etc.


Click the button below to download our new brochure today: 



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