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Induction Brazing Stainless Steel & Brass Immersion Heating

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A Swedish manufacturer of heating and cooling devices requested that THE LAB at Ambrell braze an immersion heating element. The manufacturer was evaluating implementing Ambrell induction into its production process. The application involved brazing stainless steel elements to a brass body. Ambrell’s EKOHEAT 45 kW power supply with a custom-made two turn helical induction coil ensured the application’s efficiency and effectiveness. The heating time was just 30 seconds. 

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The customer was delighted with Ambrell’s best-in-class lab service and the timely, extensive test report and system recommendation it received at the end of testing. The proposed induction brazing solution fulfilled the client's requests. The system was sold, and is going to be implemented in the Swedish factory. 

Ambrell offers remarkable brazing expertise based on over 30 years industry experience. We are exhibiting at trade shows and speaking at brazing conferences on a regular basis. Check our event agenda and visit us during an upcoming event in your area. We also encourage you to fill out a lab service request form so that we can test your application and recommend an optimal induction heating solution. Or read more about our brazing solutions in our rich application notes library!

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