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Induction Melting Iron for Powdered Metal Analysis | Ambrell

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Induction Iron Melting from Ambrell


A manufacturer of metal powders needed to harness the benefits of induction to melt iron powder. They turned to THE LAB at Ambrell to design a solution to melt 45 grams of iron powder within 80 seconds. Applications engineers designed a single position, four turn helical induction heating coil for the application and determined an Ambrell EASYHEAT 6 kW induction heating system would heat the iron powder in the ceramic crucible in less than 75 seconds. 

Benefits of induction melting for this application include fast, non-contact heating, repeatability and the minimal footprint of the EASYHEAT. Additionally, THE LAB was able to design a coil and determine the perfect system for this application. The client received a video of the complimentary applications testing to see the application in action prior to purchasing a unit. 

To learn more about induction melting and view other application notes from Ambrell, visit our website. To request free applications testing from THE LAB, fill out our lab service request form


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