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Induction Brazing Both Ends of a Steel Assembly

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Induction brazing both ends of a steel assembly


A client came to THE LAB at Ambrell looking to braze both ends of a steel assembly concurrently. They were familiar with induction heating and already had processes set up in their facility, but this was a new process that they wanted to design. Speed and repeatability were two particularly important factors to the client. They needed to heat the part to 1425 °F (774 °C) within one minute.

THE LAB determined that a 6 kW, 150-400 kHz EASYHEATTM induction heating system would be the right solution for this application. They also designed a double position multiple-turn helical coil for the application. Temperature indicating paint was then applied to the part, which dissolves when the part reaches target temperature. It took 40 seconds to heat the sample part to temperature. 


As was mentioned, speed was important to the client, and the 6 kW EASYHEAT induction heating system exceeded their requirements. Repeatability was also important, and that's a significant strength of induction heating. With induction, you can expect the same result every time. The client was also familiar with Ambrell, and the expertise and know-how of THE LAB at Ambrell was an important consideration to them. 

Visit our brazing page to see a wide array of brazing applications. And, if you have an application you'd like assessed, contact THE LAB to take advantage of complimentary induction heating application testing from our expert applications team. Don't forget, THE LAB recently introduced Virtual Lab Service, where you can experience lab testing live from the comfort of your office. Simply send in your parts, and they'll set up a virtual conference and show you the testing as it happens. 

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