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Induction Brazing a Copper Tube & Brass Fitting

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Induction Brazing Copper & Brass
A client came to THE LAB at Ambrell because they wanted to consider induction heating instead of a torch for brazing copper tubes and brass fittings. The target temperature was 1400 °F (760 °C) for the application. THE LAB determined that an Ambrell EKOHEAT® 15 kW, 50-150 kHz induction heating power supply with a custom-designed single position multiple-turn U-shape coil would meet the client's objectives.

Initial tests were conducted to optimize the power delivered to the part. Temperature indicating paint was then applied to the part, which dissolves when the part reaches target temperature. The part achieved temperature for the braze to flow in under four minutes. It was also noted that the magnetic field of the coil was able to push the brass fitting during heating, so a fixture to hold the brass fitting in place was recommended.

The client chose induction heating for a number of reasons. Induction heated the assembly rapidly, which increases throughput. It's also highly precise and repeatable, which is a significant benefit when compared to a torch. There is also no open flame, which results in a safer working environment. Finally, the expertise of THE LAB played into their decision as they validated the feasibility of the application and designed a solution that met their requirements. 

Check out our induction brazing page to see a wide variety of brazing applications across various industries. If you have an application you'd like assessed, contact THE LAB to take advantage of complimentary induction heating application testing from our expert team. Whether you'd like to visit THE LAB, take advantage of remote testing, or simply view the lab report and video, we're here to help.


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