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Ambrell Induction Heating
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Metal to Glass Sealing Empowered by Ambrell's EASYHEAT

Dec 11, 2015 8:09:41 AM / by Justyna Bakker

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has sold an EASYHEAT 2 kW/150-400 kHz induction heating system to a German manufacturer of rotary sensors. Ambrell’s equipment was used to facilitate an efficient metal-to-glass sealing process. Ambrell’s application engineers performed extensive testing and developed a solution with a high degree of precision to achieve the client’s objectives.

Modern induction heating provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact and energy-efficient heat in a minimal amount of time. Induction offers the necessary control and accuracy to focus heat to a specific area of the part. Ambrell’s innovative power supplies can be used to efficiently and repeatedly heat a metal and subsequently melt glass to form a seal.

We provide more insight into the metal to glass applications including a library with a wide array of relevant application notes. Or contact us today for complimentary application testing. Convinced? Just fill out the lab service form and we will test your metal to glass sealing application in one of our facilities worldwide!


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Topics: EASYHEAT, Metal to Glass Sealing

Written by Justyna Bakker


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