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Using Induction Heating for Medical Device Manufacturing

Sep 17, 2019 11:36:16 AM / by Brett Daly

using induction heating for medical device manufacturing


Medical device manufacturers commonly turn to induction heating for their manufacturing processes. Induction offers a fast, clean, non-contact heating method for numerous applications including annealing steel tubes, catheter tipping, brazing miniature parts, soldering surgical tools, curing power coating, hardening surgical instruments, heating catheter tipping dies and more. 

Additional induction heating advantages for medical device manufacturers include:

  • Improved productivity and throughput thanks to its speed.
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to a torch or oven.
  • Reduced defect rates due to induction's superior repeatability; temperature control and closed-loop monitoring are available.
  • Does not contaminate the area being heated
  • Extends fixture life since it heats only the targeted portion of the part, not the whole fixture
  • Integrates well into production cells thanks to small workheads

We've created a brochure that includes ten application notes. These applications came from customers over the years and were tested by THE LAB at Ambrell. The medical application notes are as follows:

  • Annealing steel tubes in an inert atmosphere
  • Bonding a plastic handle to a surgical knife
  • Brazing a heat-sensing probe
  • Brazing steel dental tools
  • Brazing steel orthodontic parts
  • Hardening surgical blades
  • Heating a catheter tipping die
  • Molding a teflon catheter tip
  • Heating nanoparticles for cancer research
  • Plastic reflow with catheter tubing

THE LAB offers complimentary applications testing, including Virtual Lab Service, so feel free to request testing for your heating application. And, be sure to request our new medical device manufacturing brochure today. 

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Written by Brett Daly


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