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Ambrell Announces Induction Heating Guide for the Medical Industry

Medical Applications for Induction Heating
Ambrell Corporation, an inTEST Company and a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions worldwide, announced today the publication of an extensive guide for induction heating applications specifically for the medical industry.

The new 18-page guide was developed by Dr. Girish Dahake, Sr. Vice President of Global Applications, and his engineering team. The guide includes a wide range of process heating applications for companies that manufacture medical products ranging from surgical instruments and tools to personal protective equipment and more. In addition, there are specialty sections such as heating nanoparticles for cancer research, molding a Teflon catheter tip and hardening surgical blades. Each of the medical applications featured in the guide include actual solutions that were designed and engineered by Dr. Dahake and his team. Technical information, equipment size and specifications as well as resulting benefits are outlined in detail on every page. The Ambrell website provides availability of the guide through a fast and easy download.

For existing and prospective customers, Ambrell is now offering a free remote consultation with Dr. Dahake to help solve process heating problems of any type including those in the medical industry. He has more than 25 years of experience and has developed heating solutions for thousands of applications across the world. Registration for a free consultation is available on the Ambrell website.

“Our new medical applications guide is a great technical resource for manufacturing engineers and managers. The guide is ideal for those who have upcoming projects or who may have an existing heating problem they need to resolve,” said Dr. Dahake. “To augment the guide, I am happy to have a remote video or phone consultation at no charge.”

Scott Nolen, Vice President and General Manager of Ambrell Corporation, added, “We believe Dr. Girish Dahake is the world’s foremost leading expert in the induction heating industry.” Nolen continued, “Ambrell has Global 500 companies, government and military entities from around the world, and specialty manufacturers of all types who request and seek out Dr. Dahake and his team for their immense technical knowledge and deep application experience. In today’s challenging business environment, it is our pleasure to now offer Ambrell’s applications expertise through a convenient remote consultation service.”

To learn more about Ambrell visit www.ambrell.com or call +1 585 889 9000.    

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