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Ambrell Induction Heating
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Ambrell Sells EKOHEAT for Tube Annealing

Jan 25, 2017 3:10:23 PM / by Brett Daly


A metals manufacturer recently purchased an Ambrell EKOHEAT® 50 kW induction heating system for a stainless steel tube annealing application. The client used THE LAB at Ambrell to ensure they purchased the perfect system for their application. The application laboratory's solution accounted for their manufacturing process and ensured proper clearance between the tube and coil.


This client had used Ambrell for past applications and returned because of positive past experiences with our systems and the expertise of our engineers. They used induction once again because it's a fast, precise method of heating that integrates well into their manufacturing process thanks to induction's modest footprint requirement. 

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Written by Brett Daly


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