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Induction Annealing Tungsten Rods

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tungsten rod induction annealing


A company contacted THE LAB at Ambrell to heat customer-supplied rods of various diameters to 4,170 °F (2,300 °C) at 2-4 feet per minute. THE LAB determined that an EKOHEAT® 40 kW, 50-150 kHz induction heating system with a multiple-turn induction heating coil designed for heating the various rod diameters would be the optimal solution for the client.

Initial tests were conducted to optimize the power delivered to the part. An optical pyrometer was used to measure the temperature of the part inside the induction coil. Initial static tests were conducted, then dynamic tests were run to confirm the results of the static tests. The results and timing met the client’s requirements.


Ambrell induction heating proved to be the ideal heating method for this application for a number of reasons. First off, heating met the client's objectives, which will result in additional throughput. Additionally, induction is consistent so the client will get the same result time after time. That repeatability has resulted in increased end product quality. Finally, the expertise of THE LAB with their free induction heating application testing was important to the client. THE LAB proposed a versatile solution given the various lengths of the rods. The EKOHEAT power supply automatically adjusted output to that varying load in the coil, which allowed for an uninterrupted process.


To read other annealing application notes from THE LAB at Ambrell, visit our annealing applications page. And, if you have an application, you'll want to take advantage of free applications testing, including our convenient Remote Lab Service. With Virtual Lab Testing, you can observe testing in our laboratory from the comfort and convenience of your office. 


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