EKOHEAT® 30 & 45 kW Induction Heating Systems

Max Power
30 & 45 kW

Frequency50-150 kHz
50-150 kHz

Line Voltage
360 - 520 3Ø Vac

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Induction is Green Technology

EKOHEAT 30 kW & 45 kW induction heating systems

Power to 45kW: Operation from 50kHz to 150kHz

World-class Induction Heating Systems

EKOHEAT 30 kW & 45 kW induction heating systems for the 50-150 kHz range provide reliable and repeatable solutions for  high-speed heating of smaller parts where the part geometry or the coil size requires high frequency for efficient heating. Among many typical applications are heat treating of steels, shallow case depth hardening, and heating of steel, aluminum, copper or brass for brazing, shrink fitting, curing, forming and melting.


♦ Efficient heating of many part geometries, sizes and compositions
♦ Multiple capacitor configurations
♦ Multiple tap transformer configurations
♦ Voltage or Power control
♦ Repeatable, reliable heating, agile frequency tuning
♦ Through-Curie heating
♦ Movable workhead; up to 30m (100’)
♦ Sub-second to continuous cycle times
♦ Remote operation or logging with RS485 port
♦ Accepts international AC line voltages

Easy to Use

♦ User-friendly operator front panel controls
♦ System configuration from front panel
♦ Cycle timer, peak and short-cycle data capture
♦ 10 ten-step heating profiles
♦ Overload-tolerant output management
♦ 5-language display suite (EN, ES, FR, DE, IT)
♦ System diagnostics on front panel

EKOHEAT is CE marked and manufactured at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

With the versatile EKOHEAT power control system you get rapid tuning, efficient and precise heating of your parts, power control within 0.2% resolution and an easy-to-use, easy-to-read front panel. Remote control is accomplished with 0-10V, 4-20mA inputs, RS485 serial port, 24V controls and remote E-Stop input so integration with your automated production lines is easy.

EKOHEAT technology improves return on investment by reducing your energy usage compared to gas-fired and resistive heating techniques. Flameless, non-contact induction heating minimizes energy waste by focusing energy only on the part and zone to be heated. With very efficient power conversion and a power factor greater than 0.9, your utility demand charges are reduced, lowering your monthly energy bills.

EKOHEAT systems are designed for efficient use of cooling water, further lowering your operating costs.

This is a water-cooled system, requiring connection to a heat exchanger or other means of dissipating heat.





RF Terminal Power (continuous)




AC Line Power




Power Factor



Output Frequency

50 - 150


AC Line Voltage

360 - 520

Vac, 3Ø

AC Line Protection1





LCD Monochrome, 240w x 128h Pixels


Serial Communication

RS485 standard (RS485/232 converter optional)


Process Timer

0.01 - 10000


Max Ambient Temp

45 (115)

°C (°F)


CE, UKCA, EN61010, EN61326-1


Ingress Protection



Power Unit Weight

73 (160)

kg (lb)

Power Unit Dimensions

436 x 721 x 762 (17.2 x 28.4 x 30)

WxDxH mm (in)



9.5 (2.5)

l/m (g/m)

Maximum Input Pressure

5.6 (80)

Bar (lb/in2)

Pressure Differential (Range)

2.8 - 5.6 (40-80)

Bar (lb/in2)

Max Water Temp

35 (95)

°C (°F)

1) Fast-acting fuses
2) Maximum output may vary by frequency and load conditions
3) Suitable for incorporation into equipment for compliance with Machinery Directive
4) Power supply; required workhead coil flow requirements vary by application

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